The Importance of Social Media in Modern Business

The Importance of Social Media in Modern Business


It is safe to say that social media has become one of, if not the best, method for marketing the products and services of a business. Younger generations and their parents alike are constantly on their cell phones utilizing social media to contact their friends and post about their day. This behaviour gives plenty of opportunity for businesses to establish a sense of familiarity and trust with their target audience. Fifteen years ago, this focused relationship on marketing could only be achieved through face-to-face interactions. With technology improving at a rapid pace, it is vital for businesses to establish an adequate social media presence in order to build brand loyalty and avoid falling behind their competitors. Plenty of businesses are boasting more repeat customers than ever before, and this is a result of not only incredible products, but a presence in their customers’ everyday lives. Investing money in social media marketing should be at the forefront of many companies’ marketing campaigns, as there is an increased likelihood of these campaigns reaching their target audience through their online preferences.

The Impact of E-Commerce

In a projection created by Shopify Plus in 2020[1], it was anticipated that by 2025 the global e-commerce subscription market will be worth $246.6 billion. Shopify also projected that by 2023, 75% of businesses that sell direct to consumers (DTC) are expected to offer subscriptions. This research advocates for massive online markets to enable people to purchase products online. Without the help of digital marketing, companies will be losing large amounts of potential revenue as a result. Customers are constantly online, therefore, direct marketing that targets these customers via social media leads to an increase in direct purchases of products. Additionally, a recent study from Google[2] discovered that 81% of consumers spent time shopping in around 7 categories per week, with much of that time spent shopping online. This makes digital marketing a vital promotional source, leading to a plethora of sales for companies. As Google continues to research the current trends in global e-commerce it is anticipated that consumers will be spending even more time online in the future.

How COVID-19 Influences E-Commerce Going Forward

COVID-19 has made the general population more aware of the importance of having accessibility to businesses and e-commerce online. Due to certain restrictions, the in-person shopping experience has changed dramatically, causing many consumers to purchase their items through online shopping. As a result of this change in the way people shop, it has increased the importance for companies to develop a social media plan that can directly contact customers. Now more than ever, companies need to increase their online presence by posting regularly and maintaining contact with their online customers. Due to the ease and convenience of online shopping, many customers will continue to use these platforms for purchasing products, which means consistent growth for businesses who maintain their social media marketing presence.

How Can RhythmQ Help?

RhythmQ is a technology and marketing company with fifteen years of experience, monitoring the newest trends in the digital business space. Operating and monitoring various social media platforms can take a lot of time and energy that could be spent doing other useful activities within a business. With the help of RhythmQ, businesses can stay in the public eye and monitor the level of engagement they are receiving from potential customers. This attention and time are what lead to more brand awareness and eventually more sales and revenue. The level of care and dedication RhythmQ gives to a business’ marketing plan can result in a dramatically positive change for their future.


The importance of taking action when it comes to facilitating an active and vibrant business social media plan is very high. With the internet becoming the primary method of conducting business in the twenty-first century, companies must take advantage of this incredibly useful tool to build rapport, trust, and intrigue with their target audiences and customers. RhythmQ can provide a stellar methodology to making the operation of a business’ social media platform a resounding success.


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